My:Time enterprise solution for mobile customer care

Real Customer Service

Introducing My:TimeTM

A patent-pending, customer-centric mobile care solution for enterprises.  With My:Time, customers are 100% in control of customer service interactions, and enterprises can deliver better care at a lower cost.

Mobile Engagement

The new mobile consumer has expectations that traditional customer engagement cannot satisfy. Mobile engagement drives the new customer experience.

Convergence of Channels

Mobile is not a customer care channel; it is the convergence of channels on the mobile device.  Give customers the ability to use the channel they prefer‚Ķwithout leaving the app.  And give agents the ability to get a single stream of interaction history regardless of the mode of interaction the customer prefers.

Customer in Control

The new mobile customer expects to be in control of a customer care process that fits the smartphone-centric mobile lifestyle.  Customer care processes that don't fit mobility cause frustration and won't be accepted.

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"My:Time helps customers more quickly resolve their challenges and manage their accounts, at their own convenience and in a way they prefer- and our customers LOVE that.  If My:Time makes our customers happy, that means more customer retention and loyalty...benefits that drive right to our bottom line."

Robert Saurer, Director of Customer Experience and Innovation, The Boston Globe